Geophysical Journal | 2010 volume 32 3

Methods of magneto-variation sounding of the Earth's mantle within the range of periods 104-105 s.

© Ladanivskiy B.T., Semenov V.Yu. , Logvinov I.M.

Impedances of new generalized magnetovariation sounding method are estimated for the period range 104-105 s using geomagnetic data of five east European observatories. The developed data analysis is applied to the magnetic field components specially measured during several months on the Ukrainian shield at three points spaced at about sounding depth. The obtained responses have filled a gap between the magnetotelluric and global magnetovariation ones and are generally in agreement with them. This period range is mostly complicated and essential for induction soundings of the upper mantle. Besides soundings this method allows establishing of heterogeneities in the mantle by means of induction arrows obtained from the gradient tippers.

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