Geophysical Journal | 2010 volume 32 5

Geo-electric parameters of the Earth's crust of the Dnieper-Laba zone of the East-European platform according to the data of one-dimensional inversion of magneto-telluric soundings

© I.M. Logvinov, V.N. Tarasov

It is possible to draw a conclusion about the difference in geo-electric structure of the trans-regional Dnipro-Laba zone relative to the surrounding territories on the basis of one-dimensional inversion MTS curve on the area from 48°40' to 50°40' N and from 25° up to 31° W. The zone differs from the surrounding areas by significant aggregation of conductors in the crust. The conducting horizon is sharply revealed in the upper part of the crust at the depths of 6-20 km. It stretches discretely for 450 km along the zone (from 25,8° up to 31,5° E). The minimal resistances of the horizon are marked in the "granite" layer at the depths of 3-11 km. The conductors at the bottoms of a "basalt" layer are marked on the not numerous deep magneto-telluric sounding sites.

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