Geophysical Journal | 2010 volume 32 5

Surface absolute magnetic survey on the backbone of the points of secular path in Ukraine for the epoch of 2005

© V.Yu. Maksimchuk, M.I. Orliyk, V.I. Tregubenko, Yu.M. Gorodyskiy, V.P. Myasoyedov, Ye.F. Nakalov

The results of the geomagnetic field components on renewed Ukrainian repeat stations (RS) network are considered. The methods of absolute geomagnetic and astro-geodetic measurements are described, as well as methods of geomagnetic field reduction to certain epoch. The reduction of geomagnetic field components are carried out to 2005 year epoch. The catalogue of RS is created. The maps of magnetic declination for Ukraine are constructed and comparison with results calculated by model IGRF-2005 has been done. It is shown that in spatial structure of magnetic declination one can distinguish several regional anomalies with intensity 1-2 .

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