Geophysical Journal | 2010 volume 32 6

Unstable geo-medium concept and seismoelectromagnetic noise of lithosphere

© Shuman V.N.

A series of problems of generation of acoustic-seismic-magnetic noise of lithospheric origin, its spatial differentiation and special features of propagation are analyzed based on the concept of dynamically unstable geomedium. Attention is focused on the necessity of more adequate electrodynamic description of geomedium, in particular, on the problems of active media electrodynamics. Necessity is underlined of changing paradigm approach to the study of electrodynamics of geomedium - the active (excitable) dissipative system, fundamental property of which is nonlinearity of physical, geometric and structural features. It is substantial that in such a system (geomedium) complexes of nonlinear interactions between both its sub-systems and physical fields exist. In addition to classical ones, transition radiation (dispersion) within unstable medium, generated by the field of charges in the "wave" of complex dielectric permeability, being formed and connected with propagating front of disturbances of geofluids concentration on energy flows from the depth of the Earth, are treated in the work as basic models of mechano-electromagnetic transformations. Possibilities of application of seismoelectromagnetic noise of lithosphere aimed at diagnostics of its structure and geodynamic processes in it are being discussed.

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