Geophysical Journal | 2010 volume 32 6

Borehole nuclear-geophysical studies of near-surface rocks. I

© Zvolskiy S.T., Ketov A.Yu., Kulik V.V., Bondarenko M.S., Deyneko S.I., Ivashchenko S.A., Kamilova O.V., Eustakhevich Z.N.

On the basis of complex use of neutron, density and gamma-ray logging are proposed new approaches to determine of petrophysical parameters of near-surface rocks in zone aeration and in water saturated zone. By increase in number of determined parameters it is considerably expanded of informativity of radioisotope logging. Thanking of the complex of geophysical methods and to the correct account of features of sandy-clay rocks it is raised reliability and accuracy of determinations of humidity, porosity, density of dry rock, density of a solid phase, shaliness, the content of chemically bound water and other parameters.

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