Geophysical Journal | 2011 volume 33 1

Mineral deposits of the Volyno-Podolian Plate (native copper, diamonds)

© Usenko O.V.

Estimation of chemical parameters of the medium has been done, under which ore manifestations of native copper of the Volyno-Podolian plate (VPP) could be formed. It has been shown that conditions favorable for magmatic copper formation were realized during differentiation and crystallization of melts of Vendian toleyite basalts. Accumulation of autometasomatic copper is related to solutions-melts enriched by silica, potassium, iron. Similar melts were formed during the final stages of melts differentiation, which form the ratna basalts. Comparison of physical-chemical parameters of formation of copper manifestations of para-hydrothermal stage and conditions of differentiation of the Prypiat Depression (PD) melts in the Devonian allows to make a suggestion that copper accumulation occurred synchronically with formation of volcanogenic-sedimentary strata of the Prypiat depression. Diamond-bearing parageneses, which were formed 2,0-1,75 Ga ago are represented in the mantle of VPP. During the process of VPP activation 0,5-0,6 Ga ago at the depth of 150-200 km the layer of melting was absent. Therefore we can speak about high promising territory (northern part of the western slope of the Ukrainian Shield - the Prypiat swell (PS) the northern part of VPP) for the search of indigenous deposits.

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