Geophysical Journal | 2011 volume 33 ╣2

Evaluation of oil presence in coal deposits and the forecast of hazardous phenomena on the Donbas mines (by example of O.F. Zasyadko mine)

© Bagriy I.D.

The paper highlights the major scientific-methodological theses of the near-surface structural thermo-atmo-geo-chemical methods (STAGM) developed at the Institute of Geological Sciences (NAS of Ukraine) and the results of its implementation in the study of conformities of distribution of emanation and hydrocarbon gases and modern geodynamical activity at the Donbas coal deposits (Tomashivska and └.F. Zasyadkţ mines). The research proves the expediency of applying structural thermo-atmo-geo-chemical methods for the evaluation of methane-bearing structures of coal deposits of industrial ˝oal production (with methane as raw fuel material), as well as for forecasting the areas with potentially dangerous gas-dynamic processes.

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