Geophysical Journal | 2011 volume 33 2

Simulation of naftidogenesis of South Yamal

© Popov S.A., Isayev V.I.

Computer methods elaborated for paleotectonic reconstructions and paleotemperature modeling, simulation of naftidogenesis enabled to trace thermodynamic history and formation of the resource potential of the South Yamal area. Evaluation of resources was conducted for three reservoirs of primary accumulation different by age involving oil and gas parent structures with dispersed organic substance different by genesis. Results of simulation reflect thermodynamic zoning and discontinuously-discrete character of naftidogenesis - it is noted the appearance of spatially-temporal belts of intense generation and emigration or total extinction of hydrocarbons generation. Interpretation of these phenomenal effects has been given from the viewpoint of reactions kinetics and geochemistry of organic substance.
Quantitative estimation of primary geological resources has been obtained, their localization within the limits of deposits of the I and the II order has been made. The ranking of evaluative objects has been performed according to queuing of geological exploration works for such and such a kind of hydrocarbon raw material. Evaluation of phase composition, localization of resources and their amount are confirmed by characteristics of deposits within the limits of the studied area.
Modeling consists in solving of inverse and direct problems of geothermy in conditions of sedimentation, in solving inverse and direct problems of naftidogenesis of natural oil and gas systems, being a "complete set" of an instrument for prediction of oil-gas presence and localization of prognostic hydrocarbons resources.

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