Geophysical Journal | 2011 volume 33 3

Relationship of the Alpine magmatic activity with structural-faulty tectonics of the Carpathians

© Z.M. Lyashkevich

The Alpine activity cycle of tectonic development of the Carpathians and adjacent Trans-Carpathian, Pannonian, Transilvanian depressions, Dinarides (Pancardi) was accompanied by active magmatism. Its three main stages have been established: Mesozoic (T3-K1), Miocene, and Pliocene-Pleistocene. Thrusting process of the Low Cretaceous - Oligocene produced a folded structure of the Carpathians with numerous allochtonous bodies of Mesozoic magmatic rocks (ophiolite association). The collision stage of the region development, which came in Neogene, is related to intense volcanism of antidrome order indicating the destruction of the continental crust. Coincidence of strikes of principal fractures and the areas of volcanites development is a characteristic feature. Finally, the third phase of alkali-basaltoid volcanites of Pancardi has manifested itself in connection with intra-plate rupturing tectonics of the continents. Volcanites are of the mantle - plume genesis.

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