Geophysical Journal | 2011 volume 33 3

Time-continuous evaluation of wave absorption of seismic trace scale

© Yu.K. Tyapkin, A.N. Shadura, V.Yu. Roganov

This paper is devoted to describing a new method for estimation of the medium quality factor Q on the scale of seismic trace. A time-continuous estimate of Q is obtained as a result of preliminarily calculating the first two normalized moments of the power spectrum within a time interval sliding along the seismic record. The calculation of both integral spectral characteristics is fulfilled in the time domain with the use of special convolution-type operators. In order to eliminate the corruptive impact of the interfering character of real seismic records, a two-stage scheme is proposed. Modeling of synthetic seismograms without regard for absorption in the medium is fulfilled at the first stage. These simulation data join well the entire scheme of time-continuous determination of Q. The second stage is polynomial approximation of the intermediate estimates of the spectrum moments subject to a priori restrictions on the acceptable values of Q. The method was tested successfully on synthetic and real data.

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