Geophysical Journal | 2011 volume 33 4

On involvement of super-deep fluids into naftido-genesis (according to the data of studies of the unique oil deposit White Tiger)

© Starostenko V.I., Lukin A.E., Tsvetkova T.A., Zayets L.N., Dontsov V.V., Savinykh Yu.V

White Tiger oil field (Vietnamese shelf of the South-China sea) with its tremendous massive pool in crystalline basement and stable powerful inflows from reservoirs-metasomatites is still unique in that among hydrocarbon giants with proved (according independent mineral-geochemical and seismic-tomography criteria) participation of transmantle (from the surface of outer or liquid core to the upper strata of lithosphera) heat-mass transfer flows-plumes. Those high-energy fluids (polycomponent gaseous mixes in super-compressed state) play various petroleum-genetic role including the avalanche-like generation of hydrocarbons while these fluids interaction with different substrata (domanikites and other hydrocarbopelites, oils and bitumens of more ancient generations, crystalline and sedimentary rocks with high content of dispersed hydrocarbons in different forms). So White Tiger and other fields within the zone of intensive oil-gas-accumulation begin to acquire in the South-China sea (and adjacent regions of East-Southern Asia) the role of proving-ground for investigation of fundamental regularities of petroleum genesis. Obtained preliminary data confirm the validity of geosynergetic conception of hydrocarbons-generating system. Under proper validity it will be able to substitute the sedimentary-migration doctrine as the paradigm of petroleum geology in XXI century.

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