Geophysical Journal | 2011 volume 33 4

Spontaneous electromagnetic emission on water areas: a new experiment and supplements

© Shuman V.N., Kobolev V.P., Bogdanov Yu.A., Zakharov I.G., Yatsyuta D.A.

New experimental data on registration of electromagnetic emission in radio-wave (kiloherts) range obtained on water areas of the Black Sea and the Sea-of-Azov have been given. The actual problem is being discussed on relation of theory and experiment during the studies of the processes of generation and distribution of seismo-acoustic-electromagnetic disturbances in lithosphere, their transformation in the system lithosphere- marine medium-atmosphere, their electromagnetic component removal to the day surface and into the atmosphere. The attention is concentrated on the physical mechanisms of seismic-acoustiv-hydro-electromagnetic transformations and informational possibilities of the method for the studies of the structure of geomedium and dynamic processes under the sea bottom.

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