Geophysical Journal | 2011 volume 33 5

Geomedium as an open nonlinear dissipative dynamic system - the problem of identification, possibility of control, forecast of evolution (Review)

© Shuman V.N.

Review is dedicated to discussing some problems and methods of studies of modern theory of nonlinear dynamic systems, urgent from the viewpoint of geophysical applications. Attention is focused on informational behavior of physical systems (including geosystems), possibilities of their diagnostics and forecast of evolution, use of fractal models. New lately developed approaches to analysis of temporal sequences of different physical nature, produced by dynamic systems have been considered. Role and importance is accentuated on geophysical monitoring oriented towards revealing general structural organization of physical processes, which occur within seismic-acoustic-electromagnetic generating geomedium, on reconstruction and identification of dynamic systems (geomedia). The phenomenon of "stochastic resonance" and its possible role in processes of self-organization and development of geosystems is discussed. The problem of control of the processes in geomedium is formulated in abbreviated statement and difficulties in realization of this idea are noticed due to the changes of parameters and condition of geomedium and with possibility of realization of controlling action during relatively short temporal intervals as well as with limitation of possible sources of influence.

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