Geophysical Journal | 2011 volume 33 5

Synthesis of linear and nonlinear inverse problem definition in gravity and magnetic explorations

© Balk P.I., Dolgal A.S., Christenko L.A.

We suggest a new approach to the combined estimator of physical and geometric parameters of geological objects by the results of gravimetric (or magnetic) field measurements. The idea to modify the assembly method for solving nonlinear inverse problem of "ore type" by the exchange of the assumption about known exact values of the object density (magnetization) for an interval form of the permissible value assignment for petrophysical parameters underlie this approach and is more adequate to geophysical practice. The algorithm of the construction of single reasonable interpretation variants represented in this article may become the element of more general technology. This technology realizes the concept of the guaranteed approach and consists in the search of geological substantial invariants on the set of all feasible solutions of the inverse problem.

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