Geophysical Journal | 2011 volume 33 5

Detailed geological and structural researches for clarification of seismic danger level of hydrotechnical buildings (Dniprovsk HES as an example)

© Volfman Yu.M., Sklar A.M., Verkhovtsev V.G., Korolyov V.A., Kolesnikova E.Ya., Ostanin A.M.

According to the results of complex remote geologic-structural and instrumental seismologic field studies zones of the main tectonic faults, which are capable to have an influence on security of functioning of the main constructions of the Dniprovsk HES have been revealed and parameterized. Identification of deformational regimes and reconstruction of stress fields, which caused the special features of tectonic ruptures formation in the region have been made. Calculated values of seismic effects have been estimated taking into account local engineering-geological and tectonic conditions of the dam location area of the Dniprovsk HES.

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