Geophysical Journal | 2011 volume 33 5

Results of long-term tilt observations into a salt mine c. Soledar (probable resonance effect of liquid core of the Earth)

© Kutniy A.M., Pavlik V.G., Bulatsen V.G., Babich T.M.

As a result of processing of long-term (about 2600 days) highly accurate tilt observations on a mid-continent Soledar station (Donetsk region), situated in a salt mine at a depth of 120 m, by the procedure of elimination of drift by "null points" the amplitude factors differences of diurnal tidal waves yo1-yk1 end yo1-yp1 have been calculated for the first time with an accuracy of not worse than 1,8 and 4,2% respectively. The differences are generated by the Earth's liquid core resonance effect and play a key role in constructing and selecting the most plausible model of the internal structure of the Earth. The results obtained correlate well with Jeffreys and Vicente theoretical calculations for their second model of the Earth.

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