Geophysical Journal | 2011 volume 33 6

Revealing of a wave guide in the north-western basement of the Black Sea Odessa shelf according to the results of DSS profiles 26 and 25 materials reinterpretation

© Baranova E.P., Egorova T.P., Omelchenko V.D.

Results of reinterpretation of DSS materials along the profiles worked out within north-western shelf of the Black Sea near 45 years ago are given. Those are two seismic profiles crossed the shelf area: latitudinal DSS Profile 26 (Zmiyinyi Island - Tarkhankut Peninsula) and Profile 25, which crosses the western part of the Black Sea in sub-longitudinal direction. The wave field is characterised by some special features in observed travel-time curves, which are indicative on the presence of wave guides here (the layers with decreased velocities). Velocity simulation produced by ray-tracing method along two profiles 26 and 25 indicated the presence in the basement and the upper part of consolidated crust of an inversion zone of complicated structure.The nature of a distinguished zone might by related to the occurrence of fault zones filled with rocks of increased jointing and porosity and the fluids, which may have under conditions of the north-western shelf hydrocarbon composition.

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