Geophysical Journal | 2011 volume 33 6

Tectonic movements in junction zone of the Donbas with Pryazovian block of the USh according to paleomagnetic data

© Orlova M.I., Glevasskaya A.M.

Results of new tectonic interpretation of paleomagnetic vectors from sedimentary, volcanogenic and hypabyssal formations of the Volnovakha fault zone have been presented. It has been found that in the sites of oriented rocks sampling different nature of bedding, directions of rotating in horizontal plane and relocation are unique for them. As a result of paleomagnetic reconstruction within outcrops it has been found that the initial strike of deformed sedimentary and volcanogenic rocks is at an average northwestern along the azimuth 310. Average directions of prefolding magnetization of even-aged rocks from different outcrops are in good accordance in the ancient coordinate system. New coordinates of virtual geomagnetic poles according to the data of studies of sedimentary, volcanogenic and hypabyssal rocks of the Volnovakha fault zone are the following: Zhyvetian layer of the Middle Devonian =16,2 n. lat.; L=131,8 e. long.; α95=3,3; Franian layer of the Late Devonian =40,4 n. lat.; L=152,1 e. long.; α95=5,9; Famenian layer of the Late Devonian =40,3 n. lat.; L=150,6 e. long.; α95=3,9. Permian (270 Ma) =53,7 n. lat., L=155,5 e. long.; α95=4,2. Clockwork rotation of the area of the studies has been determined by 11 about the vertical axis.

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