Geophysical Journal | 2011 volume 33 6

Determination of physical-mechanical parameters of sedimentary cover rocks on the base of seismic, borehole data and the theory of stressed medium elastic waves

© Guliyev H.H., Aghayev Kh.B.

An approach to determine the true values of fundamental parameters of rocks elasticity of geological section on the base of real seismic and geophysical well logging data taking into account the medium geodynamic state has been proposed on the base of nonclassical linearized theory of mechanics of deformed solid body. The thin-layered 1D and 2D models have been obtained on velocities of compression waves, rocks densities and rock pressure adding standard graph of processing of seismic and well geophysical data with new procedures taking into account geodynamic changes (with application of seismic inversion). 2D models on velocities of shear waves have been defined by the results of AVO transformation of seismic records. There are some results on the study of physical properties of thin-layered medium on one of the structures located within the South-Caspian depression, where the medium has a complex geological structure and thermodynamic state. Poisson's coefficients of medium rocks have been calculated by classical and proposed methods and temporal section of difference of their results has also been given.

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