Geophysical Journal | 2012 volume 34 1

Possible interactions in the Solar System and synchronism of cyclic variations of solar activity with climatic changes on the Earth

© P.V. Vasylyk, M.M. Lychak

Probability of the variant of future development of climate in Europe towards cooling has been substantiated. Namely, mechanism for redistributing angular momentum of the rotational motion of the solar system (including the Sun) at the expense of this wave component is assumed. Experimental data of foreign and domestic researchers on the impact of distant objects on the motion features of pendulums and rotating mass is confirm the existence of this additional component. Importance of works of O.A. Chyzhevskiy, Maki Takata, Hideo Moriyama and other scientists are denoted in formation of hypothesis on wave interactions in the Solar system. We suggest new land-space experiments, which make possible obtaining additional information to substantiate the statements given in the paper.

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