Geophysical Journal | 2012 volume 34 1

Lithosphere structure of the Cameroun fault zone according to the data of deep seismic sounding

© Yu.V. Tulina, V.Yu. Burmin, I.B. Shmeleva

Two models of the lithosphere structure are being compared corresponding to two variants of interpretation of DSS wave fields registered on the intersection of the Angola-Brazil geotraverse with Cameroon fracture zone in the area of transition between the east flank of middle ridge and the Angola basin. Special features of the fields have been revealed and interpreted by the authors, which prove the model with subvertical low-velocities intrusions into high-velocity layered mantle with really reached depth of seismic waves penetration about 40 km opposite the previously published model with the alternation of the high-velocity and low-velocity subhorizontal layers with relatively increased and decreased velocities and the depth of the lighting the section up to 80 km.

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