Geophysical Journal | 2012 volume 34 2

Deflected mode of the Western Mountain Crimea in Oligocene-Holocen according to tectonophysical data

© Murovskaya A.V.

Within the limits of western Crimean Mountains 2016 tectonic slickenside with kinematic indicators and 600 ruptures without visible signs of displacement have been studied. Stress fields were determined using structural-paragenetic and kinematic analyses. These fields were subdivided into three types: strike-slip, normal, and reverse that constitute 51, 30 19% of the total fault planes. The principal axes trends for each field type were compared with the strike of the Main Ridge. Contemporary regional stress field was separated out by comparing inversed stress fields and 8 nearest earthquake source mechanisms. The results were interpreted in the context of regional tectonics of the Crimean-the Black Sea area. It was concluded that the Crimean Mountains were formed under the combined impact of the African-Arabic, Adriatic and Pannonien plates.

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