Geophysical Journal | 2012 volume 34 2

Electromagnetic emission of the lithosphere: whether we treat in an ade-quate way the notion we are pretending to know of?

© V.N. Shuman

Debatable problems of generation and propagation of electromagnetic disturbances, which are registered on the earth's surface and above it within wide range of frequencies are being con-sidered. Attention is focused on one fluctuation component of all totality - electromagnetic noise of lithospheric origin as natural physical phenomenon. Its origin is interpreted within the limits of model of geomedium as an open dissipative discrete fractal system and taking into account a well known fluctuation-dissipative theorem of statistical physics, which con-nects spontaneous fluctuations of system parameters with its dissipative properties. Generality and interrelation of processes of generation and propagation of seismo-acoustic and electro-magnetic noises of lithosphere are accentuated, which are characterized by a wide-range frac-tal spectrum and are the product of a mechanism of evolution of percolation deployment (front of gradient percolation). It is noted that these processes are specific not only to properly fractal aggregates but to a wide class of media with hierarchic structure as well. Results of re-cent experimental studies are discussed including new experimental data on registration of electromagnetic emission of radio-wave (kilohertz) range within the aquatic area of the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov.

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