Geophysical Journal | 2012 volume 34 น2

Acoustic polarization measurements of elastic anisotropic properties of metamorphosed rocks along the sec-tion of german ultradeep well สาย

© Kovalevskiy M.V., Gorbatsevich F.F., Khams W., Dahlheim H.A.

The German superdeep borehole KTB drilled in the massif composed of paragneiss, metabasite, granite and metasedimentary rocks (Germany, Windischeshenbach) reached the maximum depth of 9101 m. Elastic-anisotropic properties of rock samples from the depth range of 4,1-7,1 km were determined to compile a general velocity section of the massif. Over this depth interval the rock density is within 2,75-3,33 g/cm3, Vp=6,0÷7,1, Vs=3,3÷4,0 km/s. Their average values are: ρ=3,0 g/cm3, Vp=6,7, Vs=3,65 km/s. Having been compared with the similar data for the upper massif (from the surface down to 4 km depth) these data can be considered to be common for the entire section. All the samples studied are elastic anisotropic. The phenomena found on the KTB core samples were previously discovered at the Kola superdeep borehole.

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