Geophysical Journal | 2012 volume 34 2

Genesis and thermodynamic evolution of outer geospheres

© Belevtsev R.Ya.

In the article on the basis of thermodynamic and kinetic analysis of data of PT-conditions in outward geospheres new geochemical ideas about genesis and evolution of high-temperature gas-water atmosphere (800-375º C) in the Archean, sour ocean and free atmospheric oxygen in the Early Proterozoic by reaction: Cl2(g)+H2O(l)=2Cl-(w)+2H+(w)+0,5O2(g) have been grounded. New genetic model of big uranium deposits by infiltrate sour and oxidatic oceanic water in rocks the Ukrainian shield is proposed. In the Ripheus lithogenesis decrease sour dis-solution of ocean water, and life on the Earth are arisen. With the Phanerozoic by active Plate tectonics fast growth of mountains, speed of lithogenesis, strengthtnning of earthquake and voulcanism, decrease of Po2 in atmosphere, especially in the Neogene and Quarternary period were displayed. On the planets Mars and Moon by analogy with earth evolution of outward geospheres in the Early Proterozoic must were displayed.

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