Geophysical Journal | 2012 volume 34 2

On the effect of the Earth's magnetic field on the crop-producing power of winter wheat in the territory of Ukraine

© Orliuk M.I., Melnik P.P., Romenets A.A., Lishchetovich L.I.

As a result of statistic data treatment a correlation between winter wheat productiv-ity and Earth's magnetic field intensity on the territory of the Ukraine for the pe-riod of 1955-1990 has been revealed. Important spatial variations of the magnetic field as well as temporal ones (B=850 nT for the period of 1955-1990) are observed. Regular raising the level of wheat productivity from Y=17-18 centners per hectar to Y=32-35 centners per hectar is registered for studied temporal interval. Obtained correlation coefficients of winter wheat productivity and geomagnetic field for separate regions (that are changing in the limits of r=0,64 for Lugansky region and r=0,89 for Chernovitsky one) as well as for the whole territory of the Ukraine (r=0,85) indicates its considerable dependence from this field.

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