Geophysical Journal | 2012 volume 34 2

Origin and history of development of the Bransfield Straight (based on DSS data interpretation)

© Kozlenko Yu.V., Kozlenko M.V.

Essential difference in the structure of the earth's crust of the northwestern continental margins of the Trinity peninsula (suboceanic) and Graham Coast (subcontinental) has been shown on the base of DSS data analysis. In agreement with similarity of geomorphologic elements on both sides of Bransfield Trough it has been shown that the Antarctic Peninsula and South-Shetland islands could be a single structure that was a reason to come to conclusion on the probable origin of the straight as a result of spreading motion apart of the bottom as a result of riftogenesis. Using GPS observations data it was calculated that the opening of the Bransfield Straight could begin within the interval of 26-37 mil years ago, i.e. in the Late Paleogene - Early Neogene. A scheme of the history of the Bransfield Straight development has been proposed on the base of seismic models interpretation.

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