Geophysical Journal | 2012 volume 34 3

Mathematical foundations of systemic analysis of geological-geophysical data

© Kobrunov .I.

Logical formalism of the joint analysis of the complex of geological-geophysical data is needed to create technologies of the study of intricately structured geophysical media using geo-physical methods. It can be created based on the principles of systemic analysis, which includes the definition: of the composition of the considered physical geological models; relationship between parameters within the content model and other components of the physical and geological models, the chain of the operator maps of the components of the model into observed geo-physical data. Plotting a system of meaningful interconnected physical-geological models of the investigated media is realized by the method of systemic inversion, comprising: decomposing the problem of systemic inversion into sub-problems: iterative solving of each of them. Synthesis is provided by the convergence of solutions of particular problems to a system of interrelated models as to introduced optimality criteria.

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