Geophysical Journal | 2012 volume 34 3

Review of observations by MVP-MTS in the southern part of the Kirovograd electrical conductivity anomaly and an experiment of thin film modeling of the Ukrainian Shield structure

© Rokityanskiy I.I., Teryoshin A.V., Tregubenko B.I., Golubtsova N.S., Ingerov A.I., Savchenko T.S.

Brief review of the earlier studies of Kirovograd electrical conductivity anomaly with emphasis on the field data is presented. The influence of S-effect on the magnetotelluric sounding (MTS) curves in the Ukrainian Shield was estimated by thin film modeling. Comparison of the modeling results with MTS field data shows that resistivity of upper part of consolidated crust underlying sediments in the Ukrainian Shield is regionally much lower than expected. Our recent field data have been presented showing that the Kirovograd electrical conductivity anomaly continues under the Black Sea.

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