Geophysical Journal | 2012 volume 34 3

Development of computation technology of coherence on the base of improved models of seismic record

© Mendriy Ya.V., Tyapkin Yu.K.

This work is dedicated to improvement of the technology of computing and utilizing such a popular seismic attribute as coherence. After analyzing the development history of coherence and the relation of algorithms of its computation with the supposed mathematical model of seismic record, a new method for estimating this attribute is suggested. It is based on a more realistic model of seismic record that permits arbitrary variations of not only signal amplitudes, but also noise variances within a set of traces participating in coherence calculation. A universal approach to enhancing the horizontal resolving power of any method for coherence calculation is suggested. Some methodology aspects that promote coherence efficiency increase are analyzed. The new approach is tested and compared with some conventional analogues on synthetic and field data.

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