Geophysical Journal | 2012 volume 34 4

Electric and electromagnetic logging sounding in realistic models of oil-gas collectors: numerical modeling and interpretation

© Epov M.I., Sukhorukova K.V.

The paper is devoted to the problems of numerical interpretation of the data of electric and electromagnetic logging soundings. Problems of influence of dielectric permeability, anisotropy of electroconductivity, probes eccentricity on reliability of determination of resistivity radial distribution have been considered. It has been shown that application of two-dimensional and three-dimensional modeling increases reliability of recoverable spatial distributions of resistivity by practical data measured within the intervals of collectors with complex form both in vertical and inclined holes. Correct accounting of the influence of geometric special features of the borehole and eccentricity of a probe HFEMLS in case of high electroconductivity of drilling mud facilitates visual interpretation of diagrams and increases the accuracy of estimation of parameters of permeability zone with numerical inversion of data.

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