Geophysical Journal | 2012 volume 34 4

Anomalies of electroconductivity and intraplate earthquakes of the western part of the Ukrainian Shield and Volyno-Podolian Plate

© Kushnir A.N., Burakhovich T.K.

Three-dimensional geo-electric model of the Earth's crust and upper mantle of the Mogilev-Podol-Novodnestrovian seismically dangerous area is characterized by electro-conducting zones at the depths from 3 to 5 km with ρ=10 Ohm m, from 15 to 30 km with ρ=30 Ohm m and from50-70 to 120 km with ρ=30 Ohm m. On the base of the results of geo-electric studies, characteristics of Mogilev-Podol-Novodnestrovian seismically dangerous zone which is confined to joint areas of Podolian, Belotserkovian, Zhmerynskiy and other ones of deep faults with lower range have been replenished and specified.

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