Geophysical Journal | 2012 volume 34 4

Fast solution of two-dimensional inverse problem of high-frequency electromagnetic logging in oil-gas boreholes

© Epov M.I., Glinskikh V.N., Nikitenko M.N., Sukhorukova K.V.

The paper is dedicated to development of physical-mathematical tools of interpretation of the data of electromagnetic logging in oil-gas boreholes. Program-algorithmic means of numerical inversion of relative gain-phase characteristics in axis-symmetric models have been worked out. Algorithm of solving fast inverse problem is based on linear inversion and includes analysis of a matrix of sensitivities of the measured signals to model parameters. Inversion is accompanied by determination of areas of ambiguity of parameters recovery. High productivity of two-dimensional direct problem made possible realization of alternative approach to inversion based on plotting and analysis of all the ensemble of quasi-solutions of two-dimensional inverse problem. Elaborated algorithms give possibility to determine geo-electric parameters of penetration zone and the layer and estimate their inaccuracies. Experiments on recovery of electro-conductivity in typical models of collectors on synthetic and experimental data have been performed.

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