Geophysical Journal | 2012 volume 34 4

Correlation of constant magnetic field anomalies and crustal geo-electric structures within the western slope of the Voronezh massif

© Abramova D.Yu., Abramova L.M., Varentsov Iv.M., Kulikov V.A., Lozovskiy I.N., Work group KIROVOGRAD

Simultaneous magnetotelluric and magnetovariation soundings carried out recently at the western slope of the Voronezh Massif in the network of the international project KIROVOGRAD outlined bright quasi-linear conductivity anomalies in the lower crust, having a complex junction southwards from Briansk. The nature of these anomalies is clarified in the correlation study of electromagnetic (primarily, horizontal magnetovariation) responses and related geoelectrical models with anomalies of the permanent magnetic field resulted from the ground and satellite observations. The approaches for distinction of relatively low frequency lithosphere magnetic anomalies produced by low-crustal sources are further discussed.

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