Geophysical Journal | 2012 volume 34 5

Synergic tectonics. Physical nature of global cyclicities

© I.V. Karpenko

The main principles of synergic (self-organized) tectonics have been presented. Evolutionary development of the Earth rotating around its own axis is considered as development of unbalanced system terminating periodically by catastrophic process of orthogonal change of rotation axis. The change of rotation axis occurs in the process of attaining but not violation of gravity-inertial equilibrium that is a principal point because we do not need any additional energy impacts on the system. Periodicity of geological processes (Wilson, Shtille cycles et al.) are related to synchronizing effect of universal gravity-wave field, which nature is not force one, that is not strength is in action but the changes of external conditions of terrestrial processes behavior. It has been shown that in terms of the Universe structure, the basic periods of tectonic genesis of gravity-wave nature are the Wilson period more than 400 million years long, the Shtille period in average 15 million years long, the Galaxy period with average duration 1,24 million years and the Stellar period with a value of 11 years. They determine both tectonic and partly climatic history of the Earth.

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