Geophysical Journal | 2012 volume 34 6

Mathematical simulation of the wave fields in the layered media under additional stress

© Malitskiy D.V., Pavlova A.Yu., Chekurin V.F.

We consider the model of a vertically inhomogeneous medium, when one or more layers are under more stress. We analyzed the results of research of influence of hydrostatic pressure acting in one of the layers of horizontally-layered structure of the wave field excited by pulse point seismic source, which is represented by seismic moment tensor localized in the isotropic layer. We suggested to use the matrix method of Thomson - Haskell for solving the problem to build field movements in order to use relevant analytical relations for solving the inverse problem in respect of stress tensor and/or parameters of the source. The results of mathematical modelling are simple in utilization and can be used for interpretation of seismic records.

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