Geophysical Journal | 2012 volume 34 6

Synergetic tectonics. 2. Tectonic taxonomy of global cyclicities

© Karpenko I.V.

   Wilson, Shtille and Galactic cyclicities are relevant to tectonic taxons. Wilson period is related to periodicity of change of the rotation axis of the Earth, it determines the cyclicity (with the period of approximately 200 million years) of opening and closing oceanic systems. T-phases of Shtille superimpose Wilson period accelerating or slowing down tectonic process. They form sedimentary complexes (series) clearly manifested in sedimentary basins, such as, for example, laramian, simferopolian, maikopian, badenian ones of Paleogen-Neogen age. The same is true for galactic period with 1,24 million years as well, manifesting itself through changes of biota in sense of average duration (2,48 million years approximately) of such a paleontologic straton as a layer.
   Tectonic taxon, (called T-stage and subdivided in its turn into T-epochs and those ones into T-phases) is determined by Wilson period. The nature of T-epoch with average duration approximately 45 million years is not determined as tectonic but as climatic one related to periodicity of the Solar system passing through more compacted Galaxy arms. But as far as the duration of T-epoch is approximately equal to total duration of three T-phases of Shtille, so in practical meaning it becomes convenient introduction of taxon T-epoch in the general scheme of tectonic taxonomy. For Meso-Cenozoic five T-epochs were subdivided and described - Early-Cimmerian, Late-Cimmerian, Early-Alpine, Middle-Alpine and Late-Alpine.
   Smaller taxons (cyclites, separate layers), involved into the layer do not already have global or even regional distribution. They are mainly determined by geomorphologic features of the basin structure in the studied site (presence, productivity and remoteness of the source of sedimentary material supply, differential of heights of relief and others). At this level only conditions for realization of sedimentary process are only produced by tectonics.

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