Geophysical Journal | 2013 volume 35 1

On the choice of zero approximation in case of revealing the complicated contact

© Yu.I. Dubovenko, O.A. Chernaya

Two analytical models of gravity field and geological medium have been suggested for the horizontally layered medium with several density interfaces present in the lower semi-space. The first model is acquired from the equation of gravity derived from 2D consideration of normal gravity potential in a local neighborhood of the measurement points. In addition to well-known in the theory of potential fields interpretation the main classes of contact surfaces a new medium model is introduced named a Chorny contact surfaces class. The examples of field separation theorems for a case of several one-coherent volumes and several non-crossed layers (two most popular initial approximations of a medium) are given in the model studied. A new numerical approach for definition of the start approximation of density interface and its asymptotes in the multilayered geological medium by means of several "contact" algorithms is given.

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