Geophysical Journal | 2013 volume 35 1

Fitting approach of V.N. Strakhov to solving inverse problems of gravity exploration: up-to-date status and real abilities

© P.I. Balk, A. Yeske

Fitting algorithms of V.N. Strakhov for solving non-linear inverse problems of gravity are considered from the viewpoint of a concept of problem-oriented methods of conditional minimization, which are the core of any technology of quantitative interpretation data of gravity exploration. Comparative analysis of fitting algorithms revealed their principal virtue - it is their ability to avoid many "acute angles" of the theory and practice of interpretation of potential fields, which became a sticking point for the most of known approaches to solving inverse problems based on classical methods of solving conditional-extreme problems. And with it we can not solve up to now the problem on permissive abilities of the fitting method, so only full scale computing experiment is able to give an answer. This paper supplies the gap to some extent.

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