Geophysical Journal | 2013 volume 35 1

Distribution of aromatic hydrocarbons along the section of sediments of oil-gas-bearing complexes (deposits of Krasnoleninsk dome as an example)

© Yu.V. Korzhov, V.I. Isayev, A.A. Zhyltsova, O.V. Latypova

On the base of unique geochemical studies of the core samples from two exploration wells interstratal movement of heavy oil hydrocarbons has been revealed in the section of Rogozhnikov and North-Rogozhnikov deposits of the Krasnoleninsk dome (West Siberia). Geochemical model of vertical migration of heavy oil hydrocarbons has been plotted where those compounds have been distinguished which are capable of interstratal movement, the form of migration has been proposed and the distance of movement of substances in the section has been estimated. The distance of vertical interstratal migration of aromatic hydrocarbons makes it possible to re-commend their anomalous concentrations as direct prospecting criteria. Migration of oil hydrocarbons from the sedimentary cover to basement deposits has been revealed.

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