Geophysical Journal | 2013 volume 35 2

Priority directions of oil and gas exploration within the north-eastern part of the Black Sea

© Yevdoshchuk N.I., Galko T.N., Dovzhok T.E., Volkova O.V., Sedlerova O.V.

The first oil field in the water areas of Ukraine was discovered by drilling in 2004-2006 on the Subbotina structure within the north-eastern part of the Black Sea in the Ukrainian sector of the Kerch continental shelf in the Kerch-Taman depression in lower Maikop sediments. For rapid development of new oil and gas Subbotina region exploration has to be conducted in Maikop complex, the search in sediments overlaying the Maikop series, parametric drilling with detailed seismic surveys and a set of non-traditional methods of prospecting in rock complex lying under the Maikop.

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