Geophysical Journal | 2013 volume 35 2

Synergetic tectonics. 3. The main tectonic regularity in continental outskirts structure

© Karpenko I.V.

Tectonic evolution of continental outskirts (CO) is considered as a result of self-development in relation with periodical orthogonal change of the Earth's proper rotation axis position - tectonic (T) stages. Relation of T-stages with folding, their organizing role in the Wilson cycle and accordingly in KO structure is under investigation. A model of CO evolution is proposed, inherent types of crystalline crust, sedimentary basins, orogenies are under analysis. Important role of horizontal and vertical sets of T-stages in the studies and contemporary CO structure has been shown. Basic provisions of tectonics of the sets of tectonic stages are demonstrated on examples of tectonic development of south and west CO of East European plate.

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