Geophysical Journal | 2013 volume 35 2

Deep structure and development of the Scythian plate in Mesocenozoic in the profile section MRW-CMP 598506

© Kozlenko M.V., Kozlenko Yu.V.

Gravity modeling has been conducted and paleostructural section along the profile MRW CMP 598506 has been plotted. Results made possible to develop the concept on deep structure and evolution of the central part of the north-western shelf of the Black Sea. Location of the boundary of the East-European platform and the Scythian plate in the profile section has been delimited. Riftogenic origin of the Karkinite sag has been confirmed as well as the presence of the rock lens with the density value specific for Triassic deposits under Jurassic deposits of the Kalamite swell. According to velocity values of sediments accumulation calculated on the base of the data on thickness of sedimentary complexes the development of the structures of the region was produced by the sinking of the Karkinite sag during the Cretaceous - Maikopian and of the Edge footstep in the Upper Cretaceous. Currently the sinking within the limits of the West-Black Sea lobe occurred. The character of faults formation during the evolution of the Karkinite sag indicates the presence of the southward direction stretching regime in the Early Cretaceous, which changed by compression, produced probably by the pressure from the side of developed West-Black Sea lobe.

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