Geophysical Journal | 2013 volume 35 3

Global factors in geodeformational processes of orogenic and platform regions

© V.P. Rudakov, V.V. Tsyplakov, V.K. Milyukov

Comparative data analysis of the deformometric measurements received in conditions of the Caucasian orogen, and the data of the fluiddynamical (emanational) monitoring of the geodeformation processes received in conditions of the East European platform connected to it allowed to identify spectral components of the measured parameters, first of all, in the area of the lunar-solar tides, that demonstrate the connection of the analyzed fields to the global geodeformation processes. Moreover, the analysis allowed establishing some prominent features of the measured parameters change in case of the global changes of the earth's crust tense-deformed state, in particular, during preparation and realization of catastrophic earthquakes in the Indian Ocean on 12.26.2004 and 03.28.2005.

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