Geophysical Journal | 2013 volume 35 4

Kinematic-gravity model of geodynamo

© Kochnev V.A.

Based on the results of solving the inverse problem of magnetometry and analysis of some known models of the Earth magnetic field generation a model is proposed in which the current producing magnetic field is the vortex motion of positively charged plasma of the planet external core. The main generators of the liquid motion are axial rotation of the planet and horizontal components of gravity field of the Moon and the Sun producing on the surface of the planet short-term periodic tides and stabile trade-wind sea currents in the equatorial ocean areas, and the deep currents of ionized liquid in the core. For checking the assumptions mathematical kinematic-gravity model of calculating relative parameters for evaluation of magnetic moment of the planet and magnetic field on the equator has been plotted. The main arguments for calculations are the period of planets rotations, mass and radius of satellites orbits producing the tide forces. For all the planets of the solar system the table of initial and calculated parameters and parameters - results of satellite observations of magnetic field has been given. The coefficient of correlation of calculated and satellite data is 0.997. The conclusion has been made on the close relation of kinematic gravity parameters with parameters of the planets magnetic field.

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