Geophysical Journal | 2013 volume 35 4

Analytical studies of the nature of correspondence between electrostatic and cloudy stratification of atmosphere

© Belyi T.A., Zelenin Yu.A.

Retrospective analysis of airplane sounding of vertical component of electric field strength of atmosphere displayed four multiplet groups of peaks up to the height of 7 km. Seasonal mode stability of density of volume charge Ez/z equal to 20-24 complete vibrations of the field Ez has been revealed. Correlative relation of statistical diagrams of the heights of cloudy horizons formation with equilibrium points of Helmholtz tensor components Tzz has been found. Correlation coefficient r was 0,94-0,98. Analogous correlations have been obtained according to the data of pilot-balloon observations for the vertical profiles of moisture distribution. For subsystems in strong internal fields (clouds) analytical analogue of Poisson sh-equation for self-consistent field of aerosol has been given. Results of calculations demonstrated that heavy charges of aerosol and impeded movement of Browne particles concentrate water steam in the vicinity of libration points of equilibrium - ionic planes.

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