w Institute of Geophysics National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Geophysical Journal | 2013 volume 35 4

Oil and gas presence of Ust'-Tym mega-depression

© Lobova G.A.

Estimation of oil and gas presence promises has been performed for Upper-Jurassic-Cretaceous and Paleozoic-Low-Middle-Jurassic deposits of the area of the Ust'-Tym mega-depression and its framing structures based on paleo-temperature simulation, mapping of generation sources and relative density of initial geologic resources of bazhenov and togurian oils. Simulation means the solving of direct and inverse problems of geothermal studies under conditions of sedimentation. Proposals on the first priority of objects for prospecting within the territory of studies have been made. According to the trend of spatial distribution of resources in the Ust'-Tym mega-depression the strategy has been formulated for examination and development of the Right-bank area of the Ob' of the Tom' region: Low-Jurassic and Paleozoic deposits within the lands of the togurian suite distribution have been determined as the first priority objects.

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