Geophysical Journal | 2013 volume 35 4

An experience in constructing a three-dimensional geoelectric model based on the results of 2D inversion of magnetotelluric field parameters on an example of the Ingul megablock

© Logvinov I.M., Tarasov V.N.

Based on dozens of MTS curves involving magnetic variation of parameters 2D inversion of 8 mutually perpendicular profiles covering the area from 30º to 32º E and from 47,8 to 49,50º N was first performed. The obtained results of the simulation were used to construct a three-dimensional model of the geoelectric region using a complex software developed by the authors. The model indicates that the subsoil of the region studied to a depth of 60 km, has got numerous conductivity heterogeneities. The depth of the roof, of the most reliably selected objects, occurs below 6 km. The most conductive parts of objects (with a resistance of less than 10 ohm m and the integral conductivity of more than 50% of the total) are located at the depths of 20-40 km. The most conductive parts of anomalous objects are consistent with Smelyansk and Bobrinets fracture zones and with their cross-section with Golovanev suture zone.

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