Geophysical Journal | 2013 volume 35 #6

Application of magnetic exploration for oil and gas reserves on the promising areas of Azerbaijan

© Gadirov V.G.

The problems of magnetic survey for search of oil and gas deposits in Azerbaijan are discussed. Microstructures of magnetic field observed over deposits of the Middle Kura depression have been analyzed. Correspondence of outlines of the local magnetic minima and hydrocarbon deposits has been found. In order to justify the use of magnetic exploration in the search for hydrocarbon deposits in Azerbaijan the features of changes in physical properties of rocks laterally and vertically in sections of Muradkhanli and Jafarly fields have been studied in details. Analysis of the data on the magnetic properties of rocks of the "empty" and oil wells has shown that the magnetic susceptibility of rocks above and below the hydrocarbon deposits differs dramatically from those ones of the environments surrounding the reservoir. To clarify the features of the magnetic field on the oil and gas deposits in the Middle Kura depression modeling on the known deposits performed.

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