Geophysical Journal | 2013 volume 35 #6

The Black Sea earthquakes of late December 2012 and their manifestations in geomagnetic field

© Sobisevich A.L., Starostenko V.I., Sobisevich L.E., Kendzera A.V., Shuman V.N., Volfman Yu.M.,
Potemka E.P., Kanonidi K.H., Garifulin V.A.

Results of instrumental observations of geodynamic, geomagnetic and other geologic-geophysical processes in the lithosphere of the North Caucasus and the Crimea have been presented, which reflect geophysical disturbances related to December seismic events in this area. Laboratories of the North Caucasian geophysical observatory IEPh RAS and VSEGINGEO MPR of Russia, magnetic variation stations in Alushta and Karpogores during the stages of preparation and development of seismic events on the shelf of the Black Sea in the area of Sochi-Sukhumi registered anomalous disturbances in geophysical fields. Principal attention has been paid to analysis of anomalous "quasiharmonic" magnetic disturbances registered during the stage of earthquakes preparation during the third decade of December 2012. Morphologic effects in variation structure of geomagnetic field have been considered. The observed changes in geophysical fields during the preparation of hazardous seismic events are being considered in details and the reasons of their appearance are being analyzed.

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